the internet crime


do report to me at if you see any online store that has my
pictures in it since i don't operate at other website other than

thank you to all girls who have been emailing me to report about this matters :)

case #2

on 4th february 2010, i got an email again,reporting a blogshop
was using my pic in their blog.

do they really have the items?

case #1

on 18th november 2009, i got an email reporting that a myspace online store
was using my pictures in their store.and to my surprise, they put their own
watermarks on the picture, as if those pictures are theirs.

and they even uploaded my entire newly-updated stuffs in their store.

owner of this store has sent her email of apology, and hope that i remove
this report of their stealing act. but i don't want this kind of thing to happen again so i'm
making this post to appear for permanent as a lesson to everyone.

i know i don't put my own watermarks on my pictures.
but after this i will do everything to protect my own works.